The origin and naming behind DopeMinds®

I started this company by being honest and transparent about my use and abuse of drugs (specifically methamphetamine and GHB). I used them as a means of dealing with my ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, self esteem, and mental health issues.

DopeMinds® is a double entendre, used to empower people who have overcome real shit in their lives by taking the term “dope” and turning it back to something that’s “cool”, and not destructive.

I grew up as a sponsored skateboarder with depression, my family dying around me and no one left to believe in me, so I believed in myself and decided to focus my energy on building myself up, and in the process.. I managed to inspire others.

I’m sober, happy, and I work hard. I use my creative talents to overcome the issues I’ve faced in my life to show others they can do the same.

I work out, support independent artists, and am happy with those who get my vision. I get emails from customers who love what i do, and what I stand for. And that means the world to me, and inspires me to keep going.