Incredible Fall/Winter Customers

I first want to express great amounts of gratitude for those who rushed in to make sales during fall & winter 2019/2020.

As a thank you, and to celebrate Steve & Phil’s 9 years together, all customers get 9% off. Past customers will get access to purchase new designs, on a limited print basis.

DopeMinds customers come from a myriad of sources, and I’m focusing on fixing some of the couple of printing and embroidery issues with vendors who have left you guys hanging. 

As you may or may not know, products are shipped, custom made for you, directly from our vendors. You pay, I submit the order (after bank transfer), wait for my vendor’s quality control, and then their printing times. Every item gets quality controlled through a human, so it’s custom tailored to you.

Excited to show you all my newest plans for spring and summer!


Owner, Operator, Artist of Dopem


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