Update on Production, Fulfillment, and Covid-19

As with most items in my shop, there’s a slight delay in the production time in order for products to be printed. This is mostly due to the fact that we print every order we sell to you—the customer—custom made as soon as the order comes in.

Most products have seen 4-10 day delays as the vendors that fulfill these products have been reduced from 10 production vendors down to 2. So they’re backlogged but still working through their customer base.

One product I have seen that’s been taking a very long time are the AOP (All Over Print) Tank Tops. There is one vendor right now that’s able to fulfill them, and they’re seriously dealing with a huge back order. 

Note: This ONLY applies to the tank tops listed here:

  • https://dopeminds.co/products/unisex-tank-top
  • https://dopeminds.co/products/karol-michalec-march-of-the-elephants-tank-top
  • https://dopeminds.co/products/ant-sketches-bara-bulldog-tank-top-dark
  • https://dopeminds.co/products/karol-michalec-march-of-the-dark-elephants-1
  • https://dopeminds.co/products/karol-michalec-march-of-the-elephants-tank-top

Otherwise, the standard tank tops are only seeing delays of 4-10 business days (weekends are never included in production timing), however the AOP tanks listed here are seeing anything from 4-15 days before making it into production.

I am, however, operating at 100% of orders in production, shipping, or in delivery status currently. There have been no orders dropped or forgotten, and all support issues have been resolved within 24-48 hours tops.

Thank you for your patience and support, and most of all your understanding during these incredibly trying times.

Phil Earley,
Owner, Operator, & Founder

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