About DopeMinds® & The Collective

The “Collective” started as a way to help independent artists get a platform where they could succeed, and get attention for their amazing art.

There are many services online that artists use, which charge a very high “take” of the royalty. Other brands use the artist and never mention them again.

At DopeMinds®, we empower and curate our amazing artists’ work and are dedicated to our mission, which is to create a family, tribe, and group of like-minded individuals together to produce artwork that we love and enjoy, but that we also can bring to you and your loved ones too.

Every purchase made goes towards helping the collective produce more artwork. The artists themselves naturally have to do very little, if any marketing at all on our platform—that’s where we come in.

At DopeMinds, we used various social media channels and friends to help promote our artwork and apparel. Although we were officially started in 2018, we’ve spent many years making connections with the right people for almost 10 years over services like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.

Phil Earley
Owner, Founder & Operator of DopeMinds®


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